Community Garden and Hydroponics

Cultivation and Education


The Community Action Center has four, 20’x20’ donated plots at the Pullman Community Gardens, located at Koppel Farm. In addition, we have a few raised garden beds here at the office. The goal of these spaces is to grow a wide variety of produce for our food bank and our mobile farm stand. We rely heavily on volunteers to help maintain these spaces and keep up with the harvest. We also have an indoor hydroponics system that allows us to grow leafy greens year-round. On the planting list this year we have over 20 different types of crops and several varieties of each! Stay tuned for updates on what we’re growing and harvesting!


Not only are our garden spaces for cultivation, but they are also for education. Every volunteer event is an educational opportunity for the participants and instructor. In addition, we hope to facilitate a wide range of community education events including square foot gardening, a “seed to table” program, as well as themed gardens such as a pizza garden, salsa garden, and an herb garden. Our programs are still in the works, but we hope to get things rolling soon.

If you are interested in volunteering with our garden program or have an education event you’d like to see or help facilitate, email Claire at