Feed Local, Feed Fresh, Give Local!

Community Food helps folks who are struggling to pay for food and housing—neighbors living on the edge of “getting by.”
Food insecure households often face trade-offs between important needs, such as housing or medical bills versus purchasing nutritionally appropriate food.
What your donations do…
• The food bank had over 12,000 visits last year, doubled since 2019
• More than 35% of people in households were children
• Distributed over 265,00 pounds of food

Your generous donation feeds a food insecure family —relieving stress and strain—by helping with nutritious food!

Food Distribution Hours:
Monday & Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesdays 3 PM -6 PM

Thursdays 11 AM -1 PM

Friday 1 PM – 4 PM

To Donate Food, or to hold a Food Drive, contact the Food Bank at
foodbank@cacwhitman.org or 509-334-9147
Donations Needed Now:
Toilet Paper, Soup, Canned Fruit, Meal-in-a-Can, Microwave Meals

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to eat fresh, local produce!

And now we are bringing good food to rural areas and food deserts with the Mobile Farm Stand.

The Farm Stand operates on a “pay-what-you-can” model, serving everyone in a community, from those experiencing food insecurity to those who can gladly pay for good food in their communities.

Learn more here.

Learn about Basic Food (formerly Food Stamps) and how to apply here

Learn where to access food in Whitman County, and other resources here