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Energy & Heating Assistance Program

Don’t let the lights go out or the heat turn off. When you hit hard times, the CAC is here to help! We can help you find the energy and heating assistance program right for you and your family’s situation. Schedule a meeting with our caring and helpful staff and apply today!

The CAC offers energy and heating assistance through the following programs:

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps pay winter heating bills of low-income and elderly people. Funding is provided by the Department of Health and Human Services and the State of Washington.

LIHEAP provides a one-time benefit, to eligible households, to be used for heating bills. The amount of payment is determined by income, household size and heat usage. An overdue bill or shut-off notice is not required.

You may be eligible to receive assistance under LIHEAP if your household’s combined income is at or below the following levels shown on the chart below. If your heat is included in your rent you are still eligible for the program.

People Living in Household

Adjusted Monthly Income

Earned & Other

(SSA, SSI, TANF, Child Support, etc)

1 $1,238
2 $1,669
3 $2,100
4 $2,531
5 $2,963
6 $3,394
7 $3,826
8 $4,259

The Low Income Rate Assistance Program is for Avista customers to ease the energy burden on limited income customers due to the impact of rising energy prices and the gaps in available funding sources compared to need. The three categories of service available to Avista customers are:

  • LIRAP Heat
    • Household benefits are based on client’s annual heat cost and household adjusted gross income.
  • Avista Senior Outreach
    • Assistance available to fixed income seniors, 60 or older who are over income for LIHEAP. The program standard benefit is $400.
  • Avista Share
    • Emergency assistance is available to customers having a shut-off notice from Avista. Assistance is distributed on an individual basis and may be accessed only once per heating season (October 1 – September 30).

Provides one-time emergency heating assistance to Whitman County residents experiencing hardship. Anyone having a shut-off notice from a utility provider, or out of heating fuel (oil, wood, pellets, & propane) may seek assistance. A Family Development Specialist will help to determine need and explore ways to avoid discontinued service. Project Share is funded by donations. Assistance is distributed on an individual basis and may be accessed only once per heating season (October 1st to September 30th).

How to Apply

  • First Step: Application.

Contact the front desk at CAC to schedule an appointment. Please indicate if you have a shut-off notice, as we are required to prioritize emergencies. During your appointment a Family Development Specialist will help you understand the requirements for the program, the type of assistance available, and your rights under the program.

  • Second Step: Notification

The agency will determine if you are eligible based on the information provided during the appointment.  You will be informed of the amount of assistance you can receive and payment date by award award letter. Award letters are typcially recived 2-3 weeks after your appointment.

  • Third Step: Payment

If you are eligible, CAC will make the appropriate payment to your energy provider on your behalf. You will continue to be responsible for any bills that you receive until your provider receives the payment from the CAC. The payment process can take 6-8 weeks.

When you apply for assistance, bring the following with you:

  • Social Security Cards for all household members.
  • Photo I.D. for all household members over the age of 18.

  • Proof of income for the past 3 months prior to your application date.
  • Proof of Whitman County residency: something official with your current address.
  • Most current utility bill or shut-off notice.
  • If you are a student receiving financial aid, bring a copy of your financial aid letter.
  • We will need to see proof if you receive or pay child support.
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship or Eligible Immigration Status.

Call for an Appointment

For all towns in Whitman County Contact Pullman CAC