Water Bill Assistance is now Available!

Community Action Center has 2 Water Assistance Programs! We are only able to assist with Past Due Bills. You must also contact your City Hall to make payment arrangements.

  1. If your household income falls at or below *150% federal poverty line, you could qualify for a ONE-TIME payment of $2500 towards your past due Water bill.

  2. If your household income falls at or below *80% area median income, you could qualify for $1000 towards your past due Water bill (you can keep applying until your household has used $1000 of assistance or until our agency runs out of funding).

The following paperwork is required:   Past Due Water Bill, Proof of Income for all Adults in Household, Signed Application, and A Statement on How the Covid19 Pandemic has Affected Your Ability to Pay Bills.

*Review the Income Guidelines Below

Review the Income Guidelines for Energy & Utility Assistance Below:

Call to Schedule an Appointment



Please prepare the following documentation for your appointment:

  • Social Security Cards for ALL Household Members   OR   Birth Certificates   OR   Passports

  • Photo I.D. for all household members over the age of 18.

  • Proof of income for the past 3 months prior to your application date.

  • Heating Bill – showing account #, client name, & address

  • IF APPLICABLE: Proof of 3 months of Child Support – Paid out or Received

  • IF APPLICABLE: Proof of any College Financial Aid

  • IF APPLICABLE: Copy of Lease – if your heat is included in your rent

  • IF APPLICABLE: If you have Wood Heat – please provide any receipts from the last 12 months

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