Once again, the Palouse Cares door-to-door food drive has brought good food from neighbor to neighbor, as 4,000 pounds of food came in to the Community Food Bank here at Community Action Center from the drive on December 3rd!

The cash donations from the drive were recently allocated, and Palouse Cares has made a huge impact with a generous cash allocation to the Community Food Bank. CAC is able to leverage those dollars so each $1 buys between $2-4 in food for those in need. On behalf of those we serve, “Thank you, Palouse Cares!”

The 11th Annual Food Drive and Fundraising event helps may who struggle with enough food for themselves and their families, and Community Action Center says, “Thanks!”

We are grateful for the generosity of our community members across the Palouse and for the great volunteer work of Palouse Cares. Thanks again…