Almost 900 pounds of Lentil Festival chili is ready to share with households in need in Pullman and Whitman County!

Thanks go out to the generous work of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce Lentil Festival staff, Francis Benjamin, and the WSU Center for Civic EngagementAshley Vaughan, the WSU-CCE Palouse Fresh Food Project Coordinator, worked with volunteers over the Lentil Festival weekend to recover and freeze 893 pounds of lentil chili!

The chili will be distributed through the Community Food work here at Community Action Center to households who struggle with food needs. Customers at Community Food will have opportunity to select the chili for their tables over the coming food distribution days.

Thanks Pullman Chamber, Center for Civic Engagement, Francis Benjamin, and Ashley Vaughan for strengthening our community through Community Food generosity!


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