Small Business Grants Open for Application from Community Action Center and Whitman County!

Apply for COVID-19 Microenterprise assistance grants for up to $5,000 each

Funds are available on a limited basis, and applicants are not guaranteed assistance. Over $80,000 has been made available for these grants through a Whitman County Community Development Block Grant and Washington State Department of Commerce.

Who qualifies for these grants?

  • Small businesses with up to 5 full-time employees (or 5 full-time equivalent
  • Owner and business located in Whitman County
  • Financially impacted or closed by COVID-19 and/or Stay Home order
  • New! May be a home business where business income contributes to household income
  • New! May not be a business whose role is to manage other businesses
  • Eligibility also determined by number of people in owner’s household, including the owner, with anticipated total household income lower than the following amounts:
Anticipated Total Household Income for upcoming year…
Anticipated gross income (before deductions) from all sources of income (wages, child support, SSI, unemployment, pension, income from assets, etc.), from all adult family and non-family members in the household.Do not use business gross income.
Eligible by number of people in owner’s household, including owner:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+
$40,150  $45,850 $51,600 $57,300 $61,900 $66,500 $71,100 $75,650

If you believe you and your business qualify, please complete the 4-page application and submit by July 24, 2020 for consideration.

Applications are available from Community Action Center, or by email at

350 SE Fairmont Rd l Pullman WA 99163 l 509-334-9147
Empowering People and Communities throughout Whitman County to Reach their Full Potential

This grant funding is available for qualifying microenterprise owners impacted by COVID-19 to stabilize businesses in our Whitman County communities.  To request assistance, you must meet the program requirements, submit required documentation, and certify the application form before May 27, 2020, or as directed at the time of inquiry.

Unlike other assistance being offered to businesses, these grant funds are based on COVID-19 impact to your business and to your personal household income.