…Moving people & communities to a positive future
throughout Whitman County…

The 2021 Report to the Community is available now! See how our community works together to make a difference for so many in Whitman County. Call or email to have a printed copy sent to you!

To learn more about the challenges & resources in Whitman County, please download the 2018 Whitman County Community Needs Assessment; and take a look at how Washington households struggle while seeking to earn a living wage by reviewing the 2020 ALICE Report for Washington.

The 2018 Palouse Tables Project report is a deep, Whitman and Latah County food assessment, providing insight into the resources, challenges, and opportunities to create healthier food systems and communities on the Palouse. Click here.

A 2019 Palouse Regional Housing Assessment is available by clicking here, covering both Whitman and Latah counties.

Whitman County Poverty Study by the Pullman League of Women Voters in 2016 is available by clicking here.

More on the Mission of Community Action Center:
Our goal is to empower the people and communities of Whitman County to be self-sustaining by…

  • Promoting the stability & self-reliance of people with low to moderate income
  • Promoting cooperation between local communities to enhance social and economic resource development
Here is how we invest the support for the mission in the community: