Resiliency Fund

For over 30 years, Community Action Center of Whitman County has provided critical and impactful support for our community to become a key influence in countywide and regional community development. Over the years, with the support of the community, there have been positive results in this critical work of stabilizing households and empowering community resilience.

But program funding has fluctuated over the years and, regardless of the administration, CAC has experienced risk of interruptions to its funding, including four government shutdowns in the past six years. Each time, CAC is forced to go through the budget, determining possible layoffs and the elimination of services. Up to 24 full-time employees could be laid off, deeply affecting the lives of some of the most vulnerable residents in Whitman County.

Leadership at Community Action Center is looking ahead and are asking for community support to help protect this work from the temporary loss of operating revenue by investing in a new Resiliency Fund.

Please join us to ensure continued employment and basic services through a temporary funding loss or unexpected emergency by your significant investment in the Resiliency Fund.

The goal for the Resiliency Fund is to build up to $500,000, critical funds to be accessed only by Board action in response to real economic emergency.

Many of our programs are funded by state and federal grants, and that can be a challenge in and of itself. Regardless of State or Federal administrations, CAC has had its funding interrupted or threatened from four government shutdowns in the past six years. To put it another way, that’s over 500 neighbors served monthly who might lose access to food, emergency heating—and potentially their homes—due to loss of funding.

This past year, as you are all aware, the need for basic food and housing in our community increased dramatically beginning in March, with the first painful effects of the pandemic on jobs and incomes, bringing new families and people to need services for the first time. Community Action Center worked to quickly alter its delivery of service to meet increasing demand, relying on community donations, State and Federal support, and the nimble responses of our innovative and steady staff members. An additional challenge arose on Labor Day when the towns of Malden and Pine City and other areas were devastated by wildfire. The recovery effort will be long-term and the demand for long-term temporary housing continues, in addition to the household needs for hundreds of Pine Creek Community members.

We appreciate the efforts of all who have stepped up during this difficult time, and The Resiliency Fund will provide a great financial footing so you can help continue the services, ongoing innovation, and our community members will not suffer sudden funding shifts, and potential losses, as well as any future natural disasters.

You’re invited to help be proactive by investing in the Board-created Resiliency Fund, specifically allocated funds that can only be used when the Community Action Center Board resolves to respond to an economic emergency. Once fully funded, you will help keep our people helping others for up to three months—with no interruption—while you support our most vulnerable residents in Whitman County.