Pullman Serves It Forward: We asked–and You delivered!

Feeding local families while supporting local restaurants…

In this time of increased need for local businesses and families, we are all searching for a way to help. Launched by local community members and restaurants, Pullman Serves It Forward is an opportunity for you to support our local businesses AND provide quality prepared meals for our community members in need.

Your generous gift to the Pullman Serves It Forward Fund will be used to purchase gift cards for meals at participating local restaurants. These gift cards are then given to individuals & families struggling with food insecurity. Gift cards go out in food boxes at CAC or from other food pantries, and from other local nonprofits serving families in need. 100% of your generous gift will be used to support these efforts.

Please consider making your donation a “recurring donation” to sustain this effort over the coming months!

As a community, the goal is for the community (people like you!) to provide up to 100 prepared meals from a local restaurant once a week—to allow folks experiencing food insecurity a break from cooking during these stressful times. At the same time, local restaurants receive much needed revenue.

To achieve this goal, you can donate to help raise $1,500 every week to be used as follows:

  • $25 gift cards will be purchased from participating restaurants each week as funds allow
  • Households of 1 person will receive one card
  • Households of 2 to 4 people will receive two cards
  • Households of more than 4 people will receive 3 cards

The cards you fund through your donations will be available from CAC for people using the food bank during distribution hours, which are Wednesdays 11AM-1PM and Thursdays 2PM-4PM. Other nonprofit partners, such as Pullman Child Welfare, ATVP, and Food Pantries served by Council on Aging and Human Services will also distribute gift cards as available. Pullman Serves it Forward gift cards are not available for walk-ins and non-food bank clients.

Participating restaurants include:

Black Cypress – (Delivery available through Door Dash)

Birch and Barley – (Take Out orders)

O-Ramen – (Delivery available through Door Dash)

South Fork Public House – (Delivery available through Door Dash)

Paradise Creek Brewery – (Delivery available by Paradise Creek Brewery)

Zoe’s Coffee & Kitchen – (Take-Out orders or Delivery by Zoe’s)

Rico’s Public House – (Take-Out orders or Delivery by Rico’s)

New Garden – (Take-Out orders or Door Dash)

Nuevo Vallarta – (Take-Out orders)

Golden Teriyaki (Take-Out orders or Door Dash)

Subway (Main Street and Harvest Drive Locations-Take-out orders or Door Dash)

Taqueria Chaparrito (Take-Out and outside dining)

Restaurants interested in participating in Pullman Serves It Forward are encouraged to contact Ashley at Community Action Center at 509-334-9147 or ashleyv@cacwhitman.org.

You Can Help

Dozens of  meals can go out to the community each week—
…and every donation of $50 feeds a family of 4!

Please consider a monthly or other recurring gift to keep the program sustained in the community!

Your gift, no matter how small, will make a big difference!

Give to Pullman Serves it Forward