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We Can Help

 The family development model used at Community Action Center is based on a systems perspective: the entire family as the focus of work, interdependence of family members and the parallel process of family, organization and community. The family development process encourages families to be partners in the process of:

  • Joining-creating trust and partnership
  • Assessment-identification of families strengths, vision and barriers
  • Planning-setting short and long term goals that are family driven
  • Support-ongoing emotional support
  • Linking-coordinating information and service with wider community resources

The process ultimately reinforces family values and encourages the family to form support networks within the community to achieve self-sufficiency.

Emergency Services

The following are emergency services accessible on a limited basis at CAC. Anyone needing emergency assistance should arrange to meet with a Family Development Specialist.

  • Short-term Rental Assistance
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Transitional Housing
  • Emergency Energy Assistance
  • Limited Transportation Assistance
  • Thrift Shop Vouchers
  • Meal Vouchers

Early Childhood Development

For Early Childhood Development Services Please Contact:

Young Children and Family Program | 115 NW State St, Pullman WA 99163 | 509-332-5117 | Fax 509-332-5127 | www.ycfprograms.org

Success by 6 of the Palouse | 110 S Jackson, Moscow ID 83843 | 208-882-7162 | www.palousesuccessby6.org

Legal Info & Referral

Call CLEAR (Coordinated Legal Advice and Referral)1.888.201.1014
For individuals 60 and over: 1.888.387.7111
For TDD: 1.888.201.9737

Legal questions may be answered by one of the folowing: CLEAR advocates, the Northwest Women’s Law Center, the Attorney General’s Office, or the Tenant’s Union.

Find an attorney to meet with or to represent you. Some attorneys in Whitman County volunteer to help people who cannot afford legal services, although this assistance may only be available after you get advice from CLEAR or attend a free legal clinic.

For more information about legal resources available to low-income Whitman County residents, CAC case managers may be able to provide information and help with referral to agencies, although CAC no longer  houses the Whitman County Legal Services program in its offices.

Your first step is always to call CLEAR: (Coordinated Legal Advice and Referral)1.888.201.1014
For individuals 60 and over: 1.888.387.7111
For TDD: 1.888.201.9737


Limited Transportation Assistance

The ability to get from place to place can easily be taken for granted. But if you are one of many people who will face obstacles to transportation in their lifetime, you know all to well how much it can enhance your freedom and self-sufficiency. The CAC is here to help.

Transportation assistance is available on a limited basis and contingent to fund availability. Anyone seeking transportation assistance MUST schedule an appointment in advance with a Family Development Specialist who will assess the individual client’s needs.

CAC staff can also assist with referral to existing transportation systems in Whitman County.

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