Volunteers are the heroes of Community Action Center.  Would you like to help achive our mission alongside staff and in solidarity with those we serve?  Volunteers help operate the Community Food Bank weekly: gardening, rescuing food from grocery stores, sorting, shelving, and assisting clients.  To find out how you can help first complete a volunteer application (on the right, click on sign up today).  You can drop if off at our office or email it to: volunteer@cacwhitman.org  This will sign you up for our email list of opportunities, letting you browse and choose where we best fit into your day and week.

We are also open to volunteer ideas that your group or organization might have to assist people who use our services. Contact our agency and see if we can match your project with a need in our community!

Community Members (both university students and residents) are also encouraged to register for volunteer opportunities through the Center for Civic Engagement’s Give Pulse Program.  

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You Can Help!

We need volunteers like you to help sort, package and distribute healthy food for hungry people in our area. Join us! We have a variety of times and commitment levels.
  • Be a regular volunteer during food bank hours.
  • Sign-up to be a substitute for a regular volunteer.
  • Volunteer to pick up garden produce or food donations.
  • Volunteer to pick up bread from local bakeries.
  • Help with special events or food drives.
  • Be on a call list to help stock shelves or unload shipments.
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